Flexible Workplaces — Part 2: In-Office Work

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Written by Alyssa Strom, Accounting Specialist

My name is Alyssa and I’m a fully in-office worker!  

When I onboarded with the team at Boly:Welch, it was May 2020. The office was fully remote at that time, and although I felt warmly welcomed by my new coworkers, my work felt unguided and fuzzy. I chalked that up to the unfamiliar territory of the circumstances: a global pandemic, a new job, and remote work. While I don’t particularly enjoy transit to and from work, I do enjoy the separation of work from my home — so when the office became available for work, I jumped at the opportunity to get outside my four walls (and have a reason to wear real pants again).  

I was the only person in-office Monday through Friday for over 18 months before the office fully reopened in April 2022. This was disorienting at first, but I loved it. To do my best work, I need a space where I can focus exclusively on the task at hand because I will easily and quickly distract myself with chores, hobbies, and general care for my partner and home. Although I experienced hybrid work before joining Boly:Welch, I felt most comfortable going into the office each day. This continues to be true. 

Why in-office?

Let’s start with why not remote work.  

I see home as a space for comfort and decompression. Some people can work from their bed or a comfy chair in the living room — but that is definitely not me. I choose to work in the office because I can create my best working environment there, on my terms. The office is where I focus on non-personal work and connect with co-workers and my team.  

I appreciate the flexibility Boly:Welch provides and, on occasion, I’ll work outside of the office at quiet cafes or libraries.

Team players in the accounting department

My team consists of only four people, including myself. Two of them work a hybrid schedule, and one is fully remote. Our remote team member transitioned away from the office after only a handful of months at Boly:Welch (he moved out-of-state, and we just couldn’t let him go). Although this was difficult, I think we silently refused to let distance diminish our connection as team members and as people: the four of us have built up a fun camaraderie, playfulness, and trust that a lot of people would love to have.  

Here’s how we stay connected: 

  • We meet weekly on Microsoft Teams (cameras on are a must) 
  • We’re very active in group chats over Teams (we send at least one meme a day) 
  • Our remote team member comes back to the office for important (and fun) events 
  • We occasionally mail each other gifts  


Given the tools available in our modern workplace, there isn’t anything to stop us from continuing to be supportive and collaborative with all coworkers — whether they are sitting next to us in the office or who are reachable across the country via a quick call or message. 

When an organization encourages and provides access to tools for connection, our best work can shine, no matter where we’re working from.


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