Portland’s 2023 B Corp Conference Takeaways

B Corp Conference 2023

Many members of our team attended B Local PDX’s BLD PNW Conference: BLD (Y)OUR IMPACT in June 2023. It was an all-day event committed to strengthening the B Corp movement, which focuses on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. We’re excited to share some “stealable” (in the words of one facilitator) takeaways for building an inclusive work culture. 

1. The power of microengagements

Think pulse surveys, regular feedback, or asking questions like “Is there anything on your list that we didn’t get to?” These small yet impactful actions — microengagements — can create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.  

Although having inclusive policies is important, tactical moments created by microengagements put policy into action to create a culture where everyone can thrive.  

2. Storytell the outcomes

It’s one thing to have survey data that reveals an imbalance of gender and racial diversity in leadership at your organization; it’s another thing entirely to hear directly from employees about how they were passed over for promotional opportunities and how bias showed up in their performance evaluations.  

Storytelling invites perspective-taking, aids in connection, and helps us understand why we’re committed to making inclusive changes.  

3. Bring in the experts

Their expertise can help shape policies, practices, and initiatives that address the unique needs of your workforce. Also, dedicating a portion of your budget to fostering an inclusive environment tangibly demonstrates your values. 

4. Present information in multiple formats

Another top inclusion practice to implement is providing information in multiple forms — including formats accessible to neurodivergent individuals. By accommodating diverse learning styles and communication preferences through presenting information in multiple formats, including visual, written, and audio formats, companies can ensure everyone has equal access to information. 

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