Flexible Workplaces — Part 3: Hybrid Work

flexible workplaces - hybrid

Written by Lauren Radmer, Senior Office Administrative Recruiter

As a full cycle recruiter, I’m always on the clock.  

Not literally (Boly:Welch is all about flexible work-life integration), but I spend many hours outside of the typical 9-5 talking with my candidates and clients. Why? My candidates often have traditional office hours and are focused on work for their current employer. Similarly, my clients are focused on managing their day-to-day and oftentimes can only discuss hiring after hours. In order to best collaborate, I can be available in the evenings and on weekends, as needed.

Hybrid: the best of both worlds

While my hybrid work schedule empowers me to connect with candidates and clients at times that work for them, it also means I can adjust my schedule throughout the week to make space for the activities (and animals) that bring me joy.

When I’m in-office, I prioritize collaborating with my team in-person. We utilize this time to join forces and do what we do best: strategize how to identify top talent for our open roles, thoroughly vet candidates, present and discuss competitive candidates with our clients, facilitate the interview process, and share updates with our team (as well as cross-departmentally). Of course, you can also find us debriefing the previous night’s episode of Ted Lasso (up until the season finale, anyway)!

Meanwhile, remote work gives me the option to expand my work hours throughout the day. I best utilize my time by catching up on aspects of my job that aren’t rooted in collaboration, but are equally important. I can focus in a distraction-free environment, while going through my inbox, checking off my to-do list, and putting my energy into proactive work, planning, strategy, and organization.  

Remote work allows me to hold myself accountable for completing the tasks I’ve put off while prioritizing collaborative work. Not to mention, I’m able to work alongside my paw-some coworkers, Ellie and Cleo. They’re not great recruiters, but they can make any ruff day better! 

Taking it day by day

A hybrid work schedule allows me to be responsive and nimble — both critical to my job as a recruiter. It has made me more successful in my role, enabling me to widen my schedule, optimize collaboration, strategize planning, and anticipate next steps. It also allows me to meet the challenge (or play) of the moment and adapt to whatever is needed. 

For example, I’ve been playing golf in the evenings after work. The golf course is closer to work than it is to home, so I start my day in the office later on Tuesdays and head to the course at 6pm. Because I’m not commuting in rush hour traffic, I’m available for calls earlier in the morning before I head out for the day.  

When I’m not on the course, I spend my personal time hiking with my partner and two dogs, exploring Portland’s unrivaled food scene, and connecting with friends and family. Like many of us, the pandemic made me increasingly thankful for quality time spent with loved ones.  

Living my days intentionally and purposefully is important to me, both personally and professionally.

I’m grateful to have flexibility with my schedule. It allows me to spend my time most efficiently, creating more space to be available to the clients and candidates who count on me, while also giving time and energy to the relationships and activities I care about.  

While a hybrid work model doesn’t work for everyone, I have found it to be vital to me in a people-focused business that requires robust motivation and organization.  

See you next time — virtually, or in person. 😉 


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