Human Job Search – Knowing What You Want

We’ve gone video! Boly:Welch’s HR Recruiters, Cory Mlady and Abby Engers recently launched a vlog series covering everything from your job search to struggles that employers have finding great talent – and it’s taking off like wildfire!

In this video, they discuss the importance of knowing what you want, the very foundation of a successful job search.

Most job seekers think that they are opening themselves up to more options and opportunities. “I’m open! I’m flexible!” they say. However, this is really a dead end for assistance with the majority of job searches. It can seem counterintuitive, but a narrowly focused job search almost always ends up moving faster, feeling less stressful, and delivers the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Take, for example, the difference between these asks:

“I’m hungry.”

“I’m looking for a restaurant in SE Portland for a client meeting that has a great lunch menu and lots of seating.”

Which one do you think would be easier for someone to help you find? With the “open” ask, even if someone does try to help, they don’t have enough context to give you a truly helpful answer. If you focus your ask, you concentrate your time and energy around opportunities that you are actually excited about. You stop wasting time on bad leads.

This video will give tips on how to identify, talk about, and explain what you’re looking for, so your network can help you find it. We also include tips on how to answer the dreaded question: “What are your biggest strengths?” in relation to what you’re looking for.

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