Father Works On Laptop As Mother Helps Son With Homework On Kitchen Table to demonstrate ability to work from home

Human Job Search – Flexibility

Flexibility at work is so important. Just ask Cory, who is coming back from parental leave and dealing with sleep deprivation and appointments everyday!

We think more employers need to be proactive and create flexible scheduling policies, or create a culture where employees feel like they are trusted to get their work done on their own terms.

Seriously, the workforce has changed. Remote, 24/7 access is a reality for most roles. Even if you prefer people collaborating in person, you can still give them the opportunity to work remotely, take time off, and work when they’re most productive. Also, the workforce is no longer comprised of single earners with a partner taking care of the household. Therefore, it’s silly and destructive to hold on to policies that were created for a different time and employee.

Only 50% of businesses offer flexibility. Stand out, attract, and retain your employees!

And let us know what your companies are doing!



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