Navigating a Layoff Landscape

You may not be able to control whether or not your current employment is terminated, but we have thoughts on what you can do to prepare if a layoff seems possible in your near future, and a few key things to keep in mind if it happens.

4 Small Things Employers Can Do to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Without the structure, routines, and social interactions of the office, a lot of newly-remote employees are feeling burned out. They’re tired of Zoom meetings, balancing work and family priorities, crouching over the kitchen table, and trying to keep motivated. As an employer, you likely have many other concerns — shaky sales, uncertain reopening implications, and […]

Working Remotely: 6 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Making a transition to remote work can be challenging under normal circumstances, but it can prove especially difficult during a global crisis. Whether you’re already in the swing of working remotely or brand-new to the experience, these tips will help you maintain productivity and overcome remote work challenges.

An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving an Open Office

You’re no doubt sitting in an open office right now, listening to coworkers diligently tapping away on keyboards and speaking loudly into phone receivers, while trying to avoid being pulled into an intense conversation two seats down. These are just a few of the complexities of the modern workplace, where walls are coming down and […]

Why are we working more and more?

Woman working too hard in an office with files and paperwork all over her desk.

In the 1930s, economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that by the end of the century technology would have progressed to the point where the average person would quite easily have lived on a 15-hour work week. The other time could be dedicated to personal projects and betterment. Yet in the past couple decades, Americans on […]

Human Job Search – Flexibility

Father Works On Laptop As Mother Helps Son With Homework On Kitchen Table to demonstrate ability to work from home

Flexibility at work is so important. Just ask Cory, who is coming back from parental leave and dealing with sleep deprivation and appointments everyday! We think more employers need to be proactive and create flexible scheduling policies, or create a culture where employees feel like they are trusted to get their work done on their […]

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