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  • Portland, Oregon
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Job Number: 15231

Salary: $100K-$120K DOE

Industry: Sports & Entertainment

Hard Skills

  • 5+ years of progressive HR experience with a focus on employee relations, benefits administration, and talent management
  • 2+ years of experience building HR departments
  • Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business Administration, or related field required
  • Advanced degree or HR certification preferred

Exciting Opportunity: Join the Portland Thorns as Director of People and Culture!

Are you ready to make history? The Portland Thorns, a dynamic and ever-growing sports institution, are on the hunt for their inaugural Director of People and Culture. This role isn’t just about HR — it’s about shaping the heartbeat of the organization, fostering a vibrant culture, and championing the well-being of their incredible team.

Why This Role Matters

  • Pioneering Spirit: As the first Director of People and Culture, you’ll be at the forefront of establishing a brand-new Human Resources department. Your tenacity and curiosity will be the driving force behind creating processes that empower their team to thrive.
  • Culture Catalyst: They’re not just looking for someone to manage policies; they want a culture shaper! Your passion for women’s sports will infuse the workplace with energy and purpose.
  • Confidentiality Champion: Handling sensitive information? No problem! Your discretion and professionalism will be your superpowers as you navigate employee relations and performance evaluation.
  • Benefits Expert: From insurance to retirement plans, you’ll be the go-to person for all things benefits. Perks? You bet—they’ve got those covered too!

What You’ll Be Up To

  • Recruitment Magic: You’ll lead the charge in finding exceptional talent. Dive into labor markets, strategize recruitment, and ensure consistency in their selection processes.
  • DEI Dynamo: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than buzzwords—they’re part of the mission. You’ll drive initiatives that foster security and belonging for everyone on the team.
  • Performance Maestro: Individual and group training? Check. Team cohesion? Absolutely. You’ll orchestrate it all, ensuring the Thorns thrive both personally and professionally.
  • Groundbreaker: Crafting processes and policies from scratch? Yes, please! Your dedication to building solid foundations will set them up for success.
  • Collaborator Extraordinaire: The Thorns’ work hard/play hard environment thrives on teamwork. You’ll collaborate with fellow innovators, strategize improvements, and contribute to their legendary spectacle.

Qualifications That Make You Shine

  • Passion for Women’s Sports: It’s not just a job; it’s a calling. Your love for women’s sports will fuel your impact.
  • Ownership Mindset: You’re not going to follow the playbook—you’re going to write it. Take ownership of your work processes and watch the culture flourish.
  • Discretion Pro: Sensitive info? You handle it like an expert. Confidentiality is your middle name.
  • Strategic Visionary: Big-picture thinking meets day-to-day execution. You’ll influence the trajectory and keep them soaring.

Who are the Portland Thorns?

They will be the #1 women’s football franchise in the world.

They fight to protect the integrity of their team and to inspire the city.

They are stewards of innovation…on and off the pitch.

They have a storied history of winning with a championship pedigree.

They believe in inclusiveness and demonstrating an authentic commitment to the community.

They are diverse, multi-cultural, and we take action with purpose and intent.

They will relentlessly be a thorn in their opponent’s side and forever the crown jewels of Portland.

They are the Portland Thorns.

Ready to Be a Thorn in the Best Possible Way? Apply Now!

This is more than a job; it’s a legacy. If you’re ready to shape the future of the Portland Thorns, send us your application.

Benefits are generous and include medical, dental, disability, and life insurance, employee assistance plan, and retirement plan. You’ll receive PTO and paid holidays.

This role is fully on site. We’ll be reviewing all applicants, but due to the high level of interest it may be difficult for us to respond to everyone individually. Thank you for your patience!

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