Human Job Search – Counteroffers

“Cory, counteroffers: good or bad?” We’re guilty of constantly using dating analogies in the job search. The interview is like a first date, the offer is a proposal to define the relationship, and working is a long-term relationship. The counteroffer is that last-ditch attempt to save a failing relationship. It’s not inherently a bad thing, […]

What Your Lack of Pay Transparency Says About Your Company Culture

There is a national conversation right now about the gender pay gap, particularly as it relates to women of color. So much of this conversation is based on individuals sharing their pay information with coworkers and colleagues in similar fields. The thought is if individuals are transparent about what they make, it will help reveal […]

3 Steps to Negotiate Your Starting Salary Like a Pro

Salary negotiation is often the most stressful part of the hiring process, both for the hiring manager and the candidate. It’s hard for most of us to talk about money with people we don’t know very well. But as a professional, it’s important for you to negotiate for a salary that’s fair, and that you […]