Should I Use a Resume Template?

For those who are not resume-writing experts, the right resume template can be a lifesaver. And, as a recruiting agency, Boly:Welch has seen just about every resume template out there. This dependency on resume templates is not always a good thing — many resume templates actually hurt a jobseeker’s chances of securing interviews. Jobseekers often […]

10 Essential Resume Tips

Before you walk into a job interview, the employer’s first impression of you has already started. More than any other document, your resume is the first place an employer learns about you. Your skills, your experience, your background, and how you fit into the company; all of these essentials start to form from a first […]

Boly:Welch 101 – A Comprehensive Guide to Resumes

A resume is like small talk. It isn’t going to land you the sale, find you the mentor, or gain you access to a project. However, if you do it well, it can move you past the initial barrier to a place where you can get that thing you want — in this case, an […]

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