What’s the Deal With Thank You Notes?

career woman writing a thank you note after an interview

One piece of advice we almost always give candidates after an interview is to send a thank you note. We don’t give this advice casually – we think it’s a powerful step in the job process and does actually help candidates get offers.

3 Ways to Job Search During a Downturn

If you’re searching and feeling overwhelmed, you’re definitely not alone. Try focusing your search in these three places to get the results you want.

Boly:Welch’s Unofficial, Unauthorized Guide for Moving to Portland

Portland Oregon metro glows with light at dusk while Mount Hood watches over

For our unofficial, unauthorized hot take: Portland is a great place to live. And lots of people agree with us! We added almost 20,000 new residents from 2018 to 2019, most of whom moved here from other states. That’s almost 54 new neighbors per day.  In the last decade, 400,000 people have set down roots […]

Human Job Search – Counteroffers

“Cory, counteroffers: good or bad?” We’re guilty of constantly using dating analogies in the job search. The interview is like a first date, the offer is a proposal to define the relationship, and working is a long-term relationship. The counteroffer is that last-ditch attempt to save a failing relationship. It’s not inherently a bad thing, […]

A Guide to Job Searching While In College

By Perlita Anzures-Flores In June, I will be graduating from Portland State University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. This seems a lot closer now that I’m on the other side of Spring Break, so I have mapped out steps to look for a job while I finish up my last term of college. […]

New Year, New Job. But First You Need Clear Career Goals.

By Mac Prichard If you’re embarking on the hunt for a new job in the new year, you need a plan so you can hit the ground running in 2019. When job seekers ask me what’s the one thing they can do to prepare for a new job search, I tell them not to do […]

How to Make a Career Change When Workers Are In Demand

By Mac Prichard With only three months left in 2018, the Portland economy is looking strong. Unemployment is hovering around 3.8%. Talented, qualified candidates are in demand as employers struggle to find enough candidates for the increasing amount of open positions. Now’s the time to take advantage of the strong economy, and reach for a […]

Human Job Search – Knowing What You Want

We’ve gone video! Boly:Welch’s HR Recruiters, Cory Mlady and Abby Engers recently launched a vlog series covering everything from your job search to struggles that employers have finding great talent – and it’s taking off like wildfire! In this video, they discuss the importance of knowing what you want, the very foundation of a successful […]