What to Wear to an Interview: Recent Graduate Edition

College campuses tend to be pretty casual places. Most students don’t accumulate the type of business casual attire that translates well to interview clothes. When they start looking for their first jobs, they either end up having to buy something that they might never wear again, something that feels like they’re dressing up in someone […]

A Definitive Guide to Interview Questions

There’s a lot of interview advice out there. And, to be fair, there are many types of interviews to prepare for: informational, behavioral, traditional, working, stress, Skype, lunch, group, and more. How can you possibly be ready for all of them? Yet most people, even when they are experts in their roles, are not experts […]

5 Next Level Interview Follow-Up Strategies

By Mac Prichard Congrats, you aced the job interview! You were attentive, engaged, and asked all the right questions. You hit all your talking points, shared your career story, and gave your insights on how you could help solve the employer’s challenges. You’re off to a great start, but the work’s not done! The way […]

Ready for Your Close-up? 6 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

By Roxanne Rotticci As technology improves, more people seek career opportunities in new cities, and as more teams go remote, video interviews become an increasingly important part of the hiring process. In fact, nearly 75% of companies currently use video to interview candidates in some part of their hiring process. Video interviews tend to be […]

7 Tips for a Successful Interview with a Recruiter

By Mac Prichard When you’re interviewing for a job, it pays for you to think like the hiring organization. But when you’re interviewing with a recruiter, it’s a different experience. What can you do to impress a recruiter in that first interview? It’s a tricky balance, since the recruiter is central to your success in […]

Boly:Welch 101 – Hiring Managers Share Their Top Interview Tips

There’s a lot of interview advice out there. Most of it covers the same ground – have two copies of your resume printed (PSA: investigate the company culture before you print your resume!); dress nicely; have a firm, but not clammy handshake. Thanks, mom. Pretty old school. The kiss of death at some organizations. The […]

Boly:Welch 101 – The Winning Guide to Informational Interviews

I got my job at Boly:Welch through an informational interview. My first “real” job as an attorney was pretty isolating – most of my day was spent reading medical records, and becoming increasingly somatic about it. A claimant would have carpal tunnel; I’d think I had carpal tunnel. A claimant had an aneurysm; I’d have […]