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Human Job Search – Flexibility

Flexibility at work is so important. Just ask Cory, who is coming back from parental leave and dealing with sleep deprivation and appointments everyday! We think more employers need to be proactive and create flexible scheduling policies, or create a culture where employees feel like they are trusted to get their work done on their

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What Your Lack of Pay Transparency Says About Your Company Culture

There is a national conversation right now about the gender pay gap, particularly as it relates to women of color. So much of this conversation is based on individuals sharing their pay information with coworkers and colleagues in similar fields. The thought is if individuals are transparent about what they make, it will help reveal

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Master Networking Events With These 9 Tactics

I’m one of those rare people who genuinely enjoys professional networking. I cherish the panel discussions, the casual meetups, the conferences, I love them all. But it wasn’t always like this. I was shy early on in my career, and I dreaded introducing myself to strangers. But over time, I developed a new mindset the

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Performance Review - Boly:Welch (Portland, Oregon)

The Performance Review is Dead; Long Live the Performance Review!

Most employees dislike performance reviews. In fact, the only people who might dislike the traditional performance review more than the employees themselves are the managers who give them. In many companies, performance reviews are an annual challenge timed in conjunction with, or linked to, compensation reviews (often just before the December holidays, prior to the

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Adapt or Die – Neurodiversity In The Workplace

There’s a scene in Moneyball when Billy Beane says to his head baseball scout: “Adapt or die!” A key to workplace survival, right? If you want to be a great employee, you have to deal with change, learn new techniques, adapt to ever-changing co-workers, supervisors and processes. As employers, we have the expectation that our

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