Four Workplace Trends To Focus on for 2021

Workplace Trends in 2021

With 2020 in hindsight, we are seeing trends that started with COVID-19 and the racial justice movement that will continue to impact the workplace. Center these workplace trends in 2021 to navigate a fluctuating economy, retain top talent, and keep employees safe and engaged.

Four Strategies for Salary Reviews in 2020

Strategy for salary reviews

As we near the end of 2020, we’re still in uncharted territory. Here are four strategies we’ve discussed with clients on how to approach the annual raise and bonus conversation this year.

8 Places to Find Candidates

man organizing post-it notes on an office wall

Looking for strong applicants but overwhelmed by the prospect of too many applications? A candidate sourcing strategy is what you need!

4 Small Things Employers Can Do to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Without the structure, routines, and social interactions of the office, a lot of newly-remote employees are feeling burned out. They’re tired of Zoom meetings, balancing work and family priorities, crouching over the kitchen table, and trying to keep motivated. As an employer, you likely have many other concerns – shaky sales, uncertain reopening implications, and […]

4 Ways to Successfully Onboard New Remote Employees

How do we ensure that new team members can join in successfully and feel welcome, without any preexisting familiarity with the office, culture, or team? We’ve crowdsourced four ideas from our internal team.

So You Want to Go Virtual: A How-To Guide for Videoconferencing

guide for videoconferencing

We chatted with a few of our employer clients about issues they’ve faced in setting up video chat and videoconference services, and put together a guide for videoconferencing that includes actionable tips on choosing platforms, making a good impression on camera, video chat best practices, and more!

Beyond Post & Pray – Crafting a Better Employer Brand & Job Posting Strategy

By now, most HR professionals are familiar with the ‘post and pray’ method of recruiting. It’s straightforward enough – you post a new job online, maybe going through a few different channels to cast a wider net, and then you pray for the floodgates to open and offer up a ton of qualified candidates. But […]