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Beat the Heat: 3 Ways to Get Your Office Ready for Summer

Summertime presents unique workplace challenges. Many employers are juggling vacations, managing employees with out-of-school kids, and reinforcing dress code policies in triple-digit weather. So how can you improve your summer office policies? If you prepare well, your office policies can turn summer into one of the best times of the year for employees. It’s a

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Portland Job Seekers Speak: New Survey Reveals Frustrations and Expectations

In today’s tight hiring market, job seekers have more power than ever before in the hiring process. I’m proud of the work we do at Mac’s List to advocate for a more humane, transparent, and empathetic hiring process. Now is the time for organizations to focus in on the needs, expectations, and pain points of

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Beyond Post & Pray – Crafting a Better Employer Brand & Job Posting Strategy

By now, most HR professionals are familiar with the ‘post and pray’ method of recruiting. It’s straightforward enough – you post a new job online, maybe going through a few different channels to cast a wider net, and then you pray for the floodgates to open and offer up a ton of qualified candidates. But

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#humanjobsearch Hiring Your First HR Employee

When is the right time to hire your first HR employee? And what kind of HR professional should they be? We think it’s important for companies to think about bringing on an HR professional as a strategic move. When we’re talking to an employer about a new hire, we think of first HR hires in

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Human Job Search – Flexibility

Flexibility at work is so important. Just ask Cory, who is coming back from parental leave and dealing with sleep deprivation and appointments everyday! We think more employers need to be proactive and create flexible scheduling policies, or create a culture where employees feel like they are trusted to get their work done on their

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