Boly:Welch 101 – The Great Cover Letter Debate

Cover letters are one of those places in the job search where the old school way of doing things has been slow to give way, and very few people receive any benefit (or additional interview invites) from spending the time to create one. In previous blogs, Boly:Welch has advocated for eschewing the use of cover letters […]

What Employers Really Want to See On Your Cover Letter

If you’re in the hiring arena, you have undoubtedly read hundreds or even thousands of cover letters and resumes. It’s no wonder that when another cover letter comes along you bite your tongue and power through it, hoping for a truly fresh, concise and eloquent letter. Ultimately, as employers, we really want to have a […]

Cover Letter Bootcamp

Cover letters can be tricky business. There isn’t really a standard expectation for what should go into a cover letter, and many companies, hiring managers, and recruiters don’t pay them much mind, especially if they don’t really say anything. There are hundreds of templates online to help you write a standard cover letter, but in […]

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