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Ask a Recruiter

Q: How do I get a recruiter’s attention? This recruiter is always posting jobs I’m interested in, but I can’t get them to present my resume!

A: We know this can be a frustrating experience, and it can start to feel like you’re being gatekept. It’s important to understand how recruiters’ jobs really work. While it might seem like recruiters have all the power and access, they’re really just working on behalf of somebody else: the employer.  

Whether it’s an agency recruiter or in-house, a recruiter’s job is matchmaker. A hiring authority gives the recruiter their requirements, and the recruiter’s job is to find candidates who match those needs. There are typically many dynamics that are unique to a role and a workplace that might not come through in a job posting, and recruiters understand what the employer is looking for (and what they won’t consider).  

So, try not to take it personally! The right role for you might be just around the corner.


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