3 Ways to Staff a Long-Term Project

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Q: We have a big audit happening (probably a year-long project), but we’re not sure if we should hire for it. What should we be thinking about? 

A: You could go three different ways here, depending on the level of expertise you need, training you can provide, and whether you think this kind of work will be ongoing.  

First, if you do decide to hire, definitely be considering how you could redeploy this person in another capacity after the project is complete. While it doesn’t come with the lifetime commitment of a generation ago, taking on a new employee still requires a certain level of investment in their success. A direct hire gives you the most control over their work and securing their support throughout the entire lifetime of the project. However, you’re also taking on their benefits burden and ensuring there is a path for them within your organization.  

Second, you could employ a contract temporary employee. These contract workers are usually co-employed with a third party, like Boly:Welch, which assumes all the employment burdens. Many contract temporary employees have incredible skillsets and would be happy to bring those skills to a long-term project like this. The risk of utilizing a contract temporary employee is that they might find another role if the project changes in length, scope, or timing. Generally, they are great for filling project gaps — even long-term ones.  

Third, you could consider utilizing a consultant who specializes in the area you need support in. Consultants are typically independent contractors who have their own business, or other clients they are supporting. They can provide a high level of expertise. Typically, they also come with a commensurate hourly fee, although they do not come with an employment burden.  

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