What We Do

The magic comes from a great match between talent and opportunity!

We offer customized Recruiting, Contract Temporary Staffing, and Executive Search solutions to a wide range of Portland Metro area and SW Washington clients. Our diverse client base benefits from over three decades of professional connections and from creative strategies designed to meet their needs.



Talent — the people who shape and drive your organization — is fundamental to your success. But recruiting top applicants that align with your culture is a full-time job. The process takes time, energy, and bandwidth. In today’s competitive market, it requires exploring uncharted territories to surface talent for your team, identifying technical and soft skills, and vetting top candidates.

Job Seekers

We match talent with opportunity — connecting candidates with the region’s top employers for Direct-Hire, Temp-to-Hire, and Contract Temporary positions in Accounting, Financial Services, HR, Legal, Office Administration, Footwear & Apparel, and Marketing & Advertising. We have a full range of exciting opportunities in the Portland Metro area and SW Washington.

Client Services

We offer three flexible hiring models to suit your business needs.


For Direct-Hire placements, we source from 100% of the market — both happily-employed and actively-looking candidates. 

The Direct-Hire option includes screening qualified applicants, behavioral-based interviewing, testing appropriate to the position, and reference checking. Pre-employment screenings such as drug testing, background, or credit checks are available upon client request.

We’re not just proud of the matches we make, we guarantee them. Should a situation occur where an employee falls shy of your expectations, Boly:Welch will extend our comprehensive and unique-to-the-industry 12-month prorated replacement guarantee that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days. Direct-Hire placements are made using a contingency model with no cost to you until a final candidate is selected. Fees are based on a percentage of annual salary and invoices are issued upon start date, with net 10-day terms to ensure guarantee.


Clients ‘temp’ or try out a candidate on the Boly:Welch payroll with the expectation of a long-term placement.

The Temp-to-Hire option includes sourcing, screening qualified applicants, behavioral-based interviewing, testing appropriate to the position, and reference checking. An agreement to transfer the employee to the client’s payroll, at a specific salary, after a predetermined amount of hours (typically 520) is expected. 

Typically, sourcing is limited to an unemployed or transitional candidate pool. The Temp-to-Hire option is not covered by our 12-month prorated replacement or 90-day guarantee; time spent in the position serves as a ‘working guarantee’ period. Should you decide to convert the employee before the pre-determined duration, we will work with you to determine a conversion fee appropriate for the circumstance. The bill rate associated with this option includes the pay rate, employer costs, and recruitment fees associated with this type of hire.

Temp-to-Hire employees are eligible for a variety of benefits. Learn more here.

Contract Temporary

Changes in workload, increased sales activity, and employee leaves are just a few of the reasons to engage a Contract Temporary employee.

From one-day assignments to multi-month assignments, Contract Temporary employees are Boly:Welch employees of record, on our payroll, with all taxes, insurances, and costs associated with being the employer of record. We employ the same diligence in our recruitment processes with our Contract Temporary employees as we do with our Direct-Hire and Temp-to-Hire candidates, to ensure top talent to support your interim needs.

Boly:Welch pays all Contract Temporary employees on a weekly basis. An authorized client representative will be asked to sign the weekly timecard to certify work performed. The associated bill rate includes the candidate’s take-home pay rate, employer cost, and recruitment fees. Should you choose to add a Boly:Welch Contract Temporary employee to your payroll, a fee will be calculated that is appropriate to the situation.

Contract Temporary employees are eligible for a variety of benefits. Learn more here.

Specialty Areas

Across each specialty area, our vetting process is tough and thorough at each decision point. From the initial phone screen to the application process — interviews, resume review, skill assessments, and extensive referencing — we know what makes a solid match.


Over 35% of our accounting placements typically come through referrals or word of mouth — repeatable success and reliability that adds to your balance sheet.

Count on us to add value through deep industry connections and strong candidate and client referrals.

Key Positions

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller
  • Assistant Controller
  • Accounting Manager
  • Staff Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Support Staff and Clerk
  • Payroll
  • A/P – A/R
  • Inventory
  • Bookkeeper

Financial Services

Decades of experience with clients in banking, asset management, as well as insurance and venture capital, allows us to leverage the human assets side of Financial Services.

We navigate the unique blend of technology and service operations needed to support your business.

Key Positions

  • Banking | Treasury
  • Client Services
  • Financial Analysts
  • Broker | Dealer
  • Operations
  • Traders
  • Licensed Sales Assistants
  • Administrative Support
  • Loan Office | Closer
  • Collections

Human Resources

Strong relationships cultivated within the Portland Metro and SW Washington communities have created a strong base of professionals at every level of HR talent.

Look to us to support human resources within your organization.

Key Positions

  • Employee Relations
  • Recruitment | Talent Acquisition
  • Total Rewards – Compensation & Benefits
  • Benefits Administration
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Training | Development
  • OD & Change Management
  • HRIS | HR Analytics
  • People & Culture
  • HR Consulting


HR Consulting

Our HR team delivers customized solutions for variable duration assignments, armed with the knowledge and skills to solve day-to-day issues or drive strategic human resources initiatives. We can add bandwidth to your existing staff or serve as your external HR resource.

Services are delivered on an hourly basis, with a “pay-for-use” approach, or on retainer — economical, tailored options for businesses of any size with varying timelines.

From comp structures to pay-for-performance plans to salary or benefit surveys and job analysis, we can help assure that your plans are compliant and relevant in today’s market.

Training and Development
The benefits from a sound training program will cascade across an organization. Our programs provide flexible options that add value — from cost-effective online classes to customized, scalable solutions.

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
We excel at identifying top candidates and welcoming them into your organization, ready to hit the ground running. We’ll create a transition plan from date of hire through the first six months, tracking fundamentals for success.

Onboarding programs are available to transition critical hires, teams, or executives into your organization.


We represent the best legal talent in the business, from large metropolitan firms to newcomers, breakaways, specialty groups, sole practitioners, and everywhere in between.

Legal talent is smart business and our local market knowledge means success for you.

Key Positions

  • In-House Counsel, Lateral, and Mid-Level Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Hybrid Roles
  • Contracts Managers – Patent, Trade, Copyright
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Receptionists
  • Records Management
  • Case | Project Assistants


Support for key practice areas

  • Bankruptcy
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Domestic Relations
  • Insurance Defense
  • Intellectual Property — Prosecution | Litigation
  • Labor | Employment
  • Civil Litigation — Plaintiff | Defense
  • Personal Injury | Tort Law | Workers’ Comp
  • Mergers & Acquisitions | Corporate
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Trust & Estate Planning | Probate
  • Office Services | File Clerks

Office Administration

We’ve cultivated both a deep base of sought-after candidates and over three decades of client connections within the Portland Metro and SW Washington areas. 

Our knowledge of market trends and salary information helps us make the right match time after time. Across the wide range of industries in our community, our name is synonymous with success.

Key Positions

  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Office Coordinator
  • Data Entry
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Event Planner
  • Property Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Personal Assistant

Footwear & Apparel

As a Tier I talent partner, we recruit for some of the industry’s leading footwear and apparel brands. We’re passionate about hiring amazing talent for global innovators. 

We broadly support footwear and apparel brands and their businesses, including teams within: Marketing, Merchandising, Creative Services & Brand Design, Administration, HR, Finance, Legal, Operations, etc. We place industry experts along with new grads looking for their first break.

Key Positions

  • Brand Marketing Specialist
  • Internal Communications Specialist
  • Retail Brand Designer
  • Color and Materials Designer
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • HR Advisor
  • Consumer Services Rep
  • Merchandising Coordinator
  • Retail Planning Analyst
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Legal Assistant

Marketing & Advertising

We source talent for Portland’s leading advertising agencies, advertisers, and marketers that are looking to leverage the power of creativity and technology to drive results.

In an industry that experiences profound changes at warp speed, recruiting incredible candidates in marketing and advertising is highly strategic. We partner with advertising agencies as well as brands and businesses that are looking for exceptional talent across a range of experience levels and accomplishments including: Agency Management, Account Management, Client Services, Account Planners, Strategic Planners, Creative Leadership (including CCO and ECD-level positions), Brand Management and Design (retail and UX, as well as product). We look for marketing, digital, and creative candidates with an ability to lead business transformation and an affinity for metrics and data to better respond to the quickly evolving customer landscape.

Key Positions

  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Executive Creative Director
  • S/VP Digital Strategy
  • S/VP Design
  • S/VP Group Account Director
  • Sr. Account Director
  • Digital Channel Specialist
  • Marketing Director/Manager
  • Brand Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Executive Search

The search for leadership is a multi-faceted process that relies on strong relationships, true collaboration, and commitment to mutual success. Discover what we offer at Boly:Welch Executive Search.


Working with Boly:Welch means tapping into expertise gained over three decades and all of the relationships, networks, and connections that come with that. In an industry with a turnover rate of over 300 percent, our recruiters have an average tenure of 7.5 years. Active volunteerism, philanthropy, and environmental sustainability run deep in Boly:Welch’s culture. We’ve been voted as Best in Staffing by Inavero and Best in Class by our clients and candidates. You can check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, Glassdoor, and Yelp – we’re proud of our reputation and our work. Learn more about what we do here.

Yes! To best serve our clients, we specialize in a few key areas: Accounting, Financial Services, HR, Legal, Office Administration, Footwear & Apparel, Marketing & Advertising, and Executive Search. If your needs fall outside of these areas, we might not be the right agency for you — it’s a bit like a personal injury attorney trying to assist with your taxes. However, we’re happy to provide referrals or other support if we determine we’re not the best resource.

Yes, you can look for candidates on your own or with another agency. However, like any relationship, the best results come from true partnerships. If you trust us to do what we do best, we guarantee you’ll be impressed and we will prioritize your search accordingly. If we know you’re relying on us exclusively and there’s open communication, you’ll have our full attention and energy.

We take a multi-pronged approach to sourcing and recruiting that involves online postings, Boolean sourcing, a deep referral network (in some industries, almost half of our placed candidates are referrals!), active networking in the community, diverse community partnerships, and professional and industry groups. If it was easy and quick to find the right person for a role, you’d have hired them already! We spend most of our time building relationships and making connections for the benefit of our clients.

Duration and invoices, mainly!

Contract Temporary roles can be anywhere from one day to a year or more, and we have recruiters who focus on these types of positions in each of our specialty areas. The skill level and rigorous vetting are the same as our direct hire candidates, although contract temporary candidates are usually not currently employed, which is why they are available immediately. You’re billed for hours worked by the candidate and receive a weekly invoice for work performed that includes the candidate pay and our fees. To convert a temporary candidate from our payroll to yours, you would be billed a direct hire fee discounted for the days temped.

Temp-to-Hire positions are a hybrid between contract temporary and direct hire roles. The candidate starts on Boly:Welch’s payroll. After a predetermined number of hours, usually 520, or roughly 90 calendar days, the candidate converts onto your payroll. Until we’ve reached the predetermined hours, you’re billed an hourly rate once a week that reflects the candidate pay rate and our fees.

Direct Hire roles typically have the widest pool of candidates because passive candidates who are ready to move for the right opportunity can be recruited. These candidates start on your payroll, as your employee, from day one. Upon hire, you’ll be billed a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary.

This is a very abbreviated explanation – more information can be found here

We meet in person or perform detailed phone and virtual interviews with every single candidate we introduce to you. This process usually includes an interview, skills assessment, and reference checks.

We offer a variety of other employment checks upon client request, including background checks, credit checks, degree verifications, and drug screens. For these additional screens, we follow state and federal laws in both letter and spirit.

Hiring is time-consuming and the costs of a mis-hire are significant – some studies say upwards of 150% of that employee’s salary. Like other professional services, we’re experts who can help you find and retain great employees so you can focus on your core business. We can deepen and diversify your pool of available candidates, offer market and salary insights, hone in on exactly what each party needs, coordinate the interview and pre-employment process, provide honest feedback, act as a third-party during negotiations, and provide ongoing consultations for your business needs. All of this leads to great employees, while still giving you time to focus on running your business.

Absolutely! We stand by our work, seek long-term placements, and guarantee your satisfaction. We offer several industry-leading guarantee options; speak with your recruiter about the best solution for you.

Our process can be tailored to your needs, but generally includes in-depth conversations with you about your business and the role, interviews with vetted candidates, feedback, compensation negotiations, closing an offer with your chosen candidate, pre-employment screening, and ongoing consultations as needed.

We work on your timeline and will match your urgency. If you need a critical hire tomorrow, we will do our best to send over candidates today. We collaborate with you around your needs, availability, business timelines, etc. We will set expectations with you, but ultimately, we’re not making widgets – we’re building relationships.

Need hiring and onboarding tips, compensation advice, insight on supporting employees during a crisis, and more? We’ve assembled a list of resources written or curated by our recruiters.

This Book Will Change The Way You Think About Hiring!

Hiring doesn’t have to be exhausting and unpredictable. Here are some simple steps to establish a consistent hiring process and learn how to hire the right person every time.

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