Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Talent On Demand

As a leader in the local recruiting community, Boly:Welch provides customized talent solutions to a vast array of employers. Over the years our client base has benefited from a single point of contact to meet their staffing and employment needs across disciplines, and has looked to us as a resource for comprehensive services. Many of our fantastically skilled career Temporary Employees enjoy the inherent flexibility of ‘temp’ work, while others are looking to find their fit in just the right employer culture.

Just as with our Direct-Hire placements, the Temporary Staffing team works hard to understand your company’s ambitions, attitudes, and philosophies. We’ll ask questions about your procedures to better understand the requirements and work environment, and as a result, the Temporary candidates you meet will typically exceed your job requirements and truly understand your expectations.

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Boly:Welch Temp team

Our Distinctive Competencies

  • Top quality candidates
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive guarantees
  • Client incentive programs

Our Temporary Services

  • Quality control of all Employees on assignment
  • Discounted non-profit rates
  • Volume discounts
  • Pay and Benefits services

Learn more about how the Affordable Care Act impacts Boly:Welch Temporary Employees working in your organization.

Skill Areas to Fit Every Need

  • Office & Administrative | Accounting | Legal | HR | Marketing | Customer Service
  • Short term | Interim | Contract Coverage
  • Same Day | Evenings | Weekends
  • Projects | Events | Meetings