Talking B Corp and The New Breed with Filmmaker Pete Williams

Filmmaker Pete Williams has an affinity for small businesses doing it right. Companies focused on community, sustainability, initiatives that go beyond the transaction. Businesses such as those in the B Corporation movement, a corporate certification program recognizing for-profit companies who are doing just that – thinking globally, socially, responsibly. Businesses like Boly:Welch.

“I was directing a TV series in Tunisia back in 2014 and met some millennial entrepreneurs who donated part of their profits to help save Mos Espa, a Star Wars film set in the Sahara Desert,” Williams explained over email when asked about his B Corp interest. “The results of their work was amazing, film geeks from all over the world are now traveling to Tunisia to visit the renovated site, surrounding businesses are flourishing and local people are being lifted out of poverty.”

“For the first time in my life I started to see business as a possible solution to the world’s biggest problems like poverty, inequality and climate change, rather than the cause. After some research I quickly discovered the B Corp movement and learned that this good business revolution was growing and quickly evolving all over the world, but for whatever reason, so many people still had no idea about it.

The primary goal of my new feature film is to elevate this movement to mainstream consciousness.”

Williams’ work with B Corporations, and his interest in social entrepreneurship, became the driving force for the development of his latest film, The New Breed, highlighting the stories of three small businesses aimed at making a greater impact on the world with their full-cycle business models. It’s no surprise Portland played a strong role in the making of the film either.

“The production HQ for The New Breed is here in Portland, which has more certified B Corps than any city on earth,” Williams notes. “The local B Corp community has been super welcoming to me and supportive of my film and some have even joined the production as investors and producers.”

Contributed by: Jennifer Matthewson, Design/Digital Master