#humanjobsearch Hiring Your First HR Employee

When is the right time to hire your first HR employee? And what kind of HR professional should they be?

We think it’s important for companies to think about bringing on an HR professional as a strategic move. When we’re talking to an employer about a new hire, we think of first HR hires in three categories:

HR Generalist: this is the traditional HR professional who keeps the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. They’re a great add for a team who is growing subject to more and more federal and state laws, who wants to develop best practices, and bring some functions like payroll and benefits in-house. They’re amazing for compliance and cost-saving!

HR Business Partner: a more recent iteration of HR that is focused on culture, operations, and marketing. This hire is crucial for a company that is struggling with or wants to excel in retention, recruiting, employee branding, engagement, process improvement, and operations. They act as a culture keeper and allow leadership to focus on other core business functions.

HR Manager: this is a bit of a hybrid role for a company that wants a strategic partner who can also roll up their sleeves and handle a tactical issue. They are able to see the bigger picture, while still serving the needs of a growing company.

We see all sizes of companies bringing on their first HR hire, and don’t think size dictates what type of professional you should hire. Rather, your goals and needs as a business should help you narrow down the right candidate. The important thing to do is be proactive and don’t wait until there is a problem to bring someone onboard.

However, if you have 150+ employees and no one in HR…call us today.