East vs. West – A Portland EcoChallenge

Let’s get ready to rumble!

The Who:
The Boly:Welch team has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged our friends across the Willamette, Fully, to a battle of collective impact. Both of our teams will be participating in the 2017 EcoChallenge, a two-week opportunity to change our lives and community for good coordinated by the Northwest Earth Institute.

Our east side EcoChallengers, Fully, are a purveyor of movement inspired furniture. From the popular Jarvis adjustable standing desks to their every-which-way active office chairs, to their many movement supporting accessories. Fully is all about helping you bring more movement, energy and joy to your work and life. We got our Coopers from Fully and love working with them!


The What:
The EcoChallenge is an individual challenge and a team competition. All individual actions taken by EcoChallengers earn points, and collectively Boly:Welch points will be totaled and we’ll be looking to beat out some formidable Boly:Welch clients and friends in PDX. This includes Fully, makers of our awesome stand-up desks, who have agreed to take us on!

Common wisdom says it takes at least two weeks to change a habit: if you can stick with a new behavior for 14 days in a row, you’re much more likely to successfully sustain that behavior. EcoChallengers vow to make a change in different categories like “waste,” “water,” “nature,” “community,” or “food.” These challenges include activities like taking 5 minute showers, going meatless a couple meals a week, watching the sunrise and sunset, watching a documentary, not checking emails after 5:00 p.m., and taking public transit to work — small changes have a big impact when lots of people are participating.

The Why:
This is Boly:Welch’s second year in the EcoChallenge and it’s a good way of putting our beliefs and values to the test. As a local and sustainable organization, with thirty-one years of history in the Portland community, we want to continue to actively act on our promises and commitments. We love a good challenge! And, with the team at Fully in our sights, we’re going to be pushing pretty hard!

The When:
The challenge officially begins next Wednesday, October 11, and will end on Wednesday, October 25.

The How:
If you’d like to learn more about the EcoChallenge and join in the fun, check out their website.