Earth Day, Every Day

Imperfect Produce, Portland, Oregon

Composting at Boly:Welch

Happy Earth Day! The Boly:Welch team celebrated early this year with an Earth Day salad bar luncheon and guest speakers from Imperfect Produce and Metro. It was (almost) too pretty to eat. We learned about food waste reduction and reviewed the current Portland city guidelines for recycling and composting.

Not just on Earth Day, but throughout the year, we as a team are always working on our commitment to sustainability. As both a 100 Best Green company and a B Corporation, we really believe in the earth first ethos and the idea of a business being driven by the triple bottom line: people, profit, and planet. Occasionally, it can be an inconvenience – no paper napkins in the office! – but our team really believes in reducing our impact on the Earth.

You too can reduce your company’s footprint too! Here are some of the ways we reduce, reuse, and recycle every day within the Boly:Welch offices:


We try to be very mindful of our carbon footprint. Although we haven’t gone completely paperless, we’ve done our best of cut back in most other areas of waste. To reduce that footprint we’ve:

+ Added automatic sensors on our energy efficient lights so they turn off when not in use

+ Installed a low-flow faucet in our kitchen

+ Providing remote working options, TriMet reimbursement, and biking incentives (including an annual Biketacular celebration!)

Our napkin drawer!


We also do our best to create an environment where we don’t need to bring in single use items that can’t be recycled like to-go coffee cups or plastic forks and spoons.

+ Extensive collection of reusable dishes, silverware, and napkins

+ Made double-sided printing the default setting on all office printers

+ Encourage our employees to avoid the waste that comes with to-go lunches by providing fancy lunch bags and a Go Box subscription


Lastly, for the items we use, but can’t reuse, we do our best to make recycling easy. We offer:

+ Extensive sorting for recycling and composting in office (and continuing education on best practices)

+ Specialty recycling for items when available (bottle lids, batteries, lightbulbs)

+ Partnering with organizations like Community Warehouse, to donate gently used household goods for donation

+ An ongoing in-office clothing swap, where employees can give away clothing that no longer suits them or find their new favorite shirt

We really believe in the power of consistent, cumulative action. We encourage you to look at your practices, invite speakers, host challenges to spur action – anything you can do to leave things a little better than you found them.

Go forth and be green! Happy Earth Day!