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Interview Attire Recent Graduates

What to Wear to an Interview: Recent Graduate Edition

College campuses tend to be pretty casual places. Most students don’t accumulate the type of business casual attire that translates well to interview clothes. When they start looking for their first jobs, they either end up having to buy something that they might never wear again, something that feels like they’re dressing up in someone

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A Definitive Guide to Interview Questions

There’s a lot of interview advice out there. And, to be fair, there’s a lot of types of interviews to prepare for: informational, behavioral, traditional, working, stress, Skype, lunch, group, and more. How can you possibly be ready for all of them? Yet most people, even when they are experts in their roles, are not

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Young woman writing a cover letter on laptop computer

8 Cover Letter Clichés to Avoid

Let’s talk about cover letters. At this point in the history of hiring, cover letters have very mixed reviews. Some say cover letters are useless, and more employers have stopped asking for them (especially when working with recruiters — so check before you write one!). But when a cover letter is requested in the job

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Should I Use a Resume Template?

For those who are not resume-writing experts, the right resume template can be a lifesaver. And, as a recruiting agency, Boly:Welch has seen just about every resume template out there. This dependency on resume templates is not always a good thing — many resume templates actually hurt a jobseeker’s chances of securing interviews. Jobseekers often

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#humanjobsearch Interview Prep

Cory and Abby are back to tackle a topic that remains very relevant in a still hot job market: Interview Prep. Some of their top tips: 1. Be on time! Or if you arrive 5-10 minutes early, take a walk around the block or hide in the bathroom. Too early is awkward for everyone. But

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