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10 Essential Resume Tips

Before you walk into a job interview, the employer’s first impression of you has already started. More than any other document, your resume is the first place an employer learns about you. Your skills, your experience, your background, and how you fit into the company; all of these essentials start to form from a first

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Eight Places to Find Candidates (And No, None of Them Are Under a Rock)

The average job posting receives 250 applicants, most of whom are not qualified. Many hiring managers feel totally overwhelmed and frustrated by both the (high) quantity and (low) quality of applicants they receive. Additionally, it can be very hard to follow up with all of these applicants, which means many of them may never hear

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#humanjobsearch Counteroffers

“Cory, counteroffers: good or bad?” We’re guilty of constantly using dating analogies in the job search. The interview is like a first date, the offer is a proposal to define the relationship, and working is a long-term relationship. The counteroffer is that last-ditch attempt to save a failing relationship. It’s not inherently a bad thing,

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Networking Conference

9 Networking Tips That Work In Real Life

Networking is one of my favorite, and most effective, career pursuits. I try to attend at least one new event every week. In the past networking felt like pulling teeth. That was before I knew the value of attending networking events. Making the most out of networking events is where a lot of job seekers

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Working with Recruiters: Why Shouldn’t I Just Go It Alone?

The job search process can feel a lot like dating sometimes. You look online, reach out to friends, go to places where you think you’ll meet just the right new partner, arrange a date, dress up, and try to make an amazing impression on your first meeting. Sometimes you feel that spark right away, and

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