Boly:Welch’s Step-by-Step Roadmap to Your Dream Job

We know the importance of finding the right job fit and, having worked with thousands of candidates, we also know that it’s not always obvious how to do it. If you’ve ever struggled with cover letters and networking, rest assured you are in good company. Particularly in today’s economy, the old advice about fancy resume paper and limiting your search to online resources is only hindering your chances of being offered a job so good that you wake up happy on Monday mornings!

Lucky you, your local career fairy godmother Boly:Welch has created the definitive 101 guide to finding your dream job. Get ready to leverage the wisdom of 20+ recruiters with countless job search tips.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be posting articles on the FAQs of the job search process including current hot takes on:
• Identifying what to look for in a new job
• Rejection-proof job search materials, including cover letters and resumes
• Where to look for your new role, including Boly:Welch’s favorite resources and places you haven’t thought of looking yet
• How to humanize your search, conquer the informational interview, and network your way into the hidden job market (the 70-80% of jobs that are never posted!)
• How to work with a recruiter and the red flags hiring managers are looking for
• Interview tips and tricks
• How to evaluate and negotiate an offer and what to ask for besides more money, including the trendiest new perks that are so much better than a ping-pong table

We’ll be posting these articles on our blog and linking the series to this page, but you can also keep an eye out for new releases at #bolywelch101. We’d love to hear your ideas for other topics, questions or trends — connect with us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.