Boly:Welch In The News

Boly:Welch-ers have been out and about around Portland – and in the news!

Late last month, our HR/Operations Director, Karen Fogg, participated in a Portland Business Journal panel to discuss the importance of a healthy workplace culture. Also on the panel, Gina Zaharie, COO of Environments, and Joyce DeMonnin, communications and media relations director for AARP Oregon.

A few highlights:
“When I think of workplace culture, I think of a workplace that fosters an environment in which employees can thrive. But it also reflects the values, mission and the goals of the organization. I work in the nonprofit world, but obviously that translates into other kinds of organizations as well.” – Joyce DeMonnin

“Culture is your company DNA. It’s a safe nest where employees come every day. It’s where they find friendship, success and fulfillment. It aligns with what their values are and gives meaning to what they’re there to do every single day.” – Karen Fogg

“About five years ago, the trend was for organizations to look at telecommuting as a way to offer flexibility to employees while maximizing real estate. Basically companies could grow without needing new space. Here is what the research supports: companies that innovate grow and thrive. Innovation doesn’t come singularly; innovation comes when groups of people come together. The pressure that organizations feel today is to drive innovation knowing that employees can and will work anywhere, how do you bring people together? This is the challenge that is becoming more and more critical.” – Gina Zaharie

Read the full conversation here.

Stumptown’s B Corporation community recently gathered at Portland’s Revolution Hall for a B Corp Leadership Development day, to make connections and share best practices. The theme was “Values to Action” and the mission for the day was to connect to the values that drive us to certify as socially responsible businesses, challenging and training ourselves to do more in our commitment to corporate social responsibility. The day opened with Ted Talk-style discussions designed to inspire around internal and external tracks for translating values to action.

Topics covered all five of the B Corp main areas: environment, workers, customers, community, and governance for both new and established businesses. Speakers and breakout sessions covered how best to translate values to emotional intelligence at work, translating values to environmental action, civic action, equity and inclusion in hiring, and philanthropy. (Photos by Megan James Photography)

Speaker Serilda Summers-McGee - B Corp, PortlandBoly:Welch, B Corporation BLD, Portland, Oregon

Boly:Welch, B Corporation BLD, Portland, OregonBoly:Welch, B Corporation BLD, Portland, Oregon


And finally, we were thrilled to be recognized at Oregon Business Magazine’s 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon for making the list for a full ten years! Here’s to ten more! You can see the list of winners here.