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Grammar Guidelines: Become More Professional in a Snap!

Grammar is tough. Many rules aren’t consistent and we don’t all learn the same things. However, effective communication skills are crucial to success in most jobs, and some basic grammar knowledge can go a long way in getting your message across. The impressions that spelling and grammar errors leave behind can be surprisingly sticky. They

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Ready for Your Close-up? 6 Tips to Ace a Video Interview

As technology improves, more people seek career opportunities in new cities, and as more teams go remote, video interviews become an increasingly important part of the hiring process. In fact, nearly 75% of companies currently use video to interview candidates in some part of their hiring process. Video interviews tend to be more convenient and

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Portland Job Seekers Speak: New Survey Reveals Frustrations and Expectations

In today’s tight hiring market, job seekers have more power than ever before in the hiring process. I’m proud of the work we do at Mac’s List to advocate for a more humane, transparent, and empathetic hiring process. Now is the time for organizations to focus in on the needs, expectations, and pain points of

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Recruiting 2.0

Recruiting – the acquisition of talent – has become highly integrated into most businesses. During the economic spiral in 2008, employees were clinging to their jobs with claws they never knew they had, and businesses were aching to find fresh talent. Fast forward just a few years when employees started to loosen their grip as

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Updates to Oregon Minimum Wage and Equal Pay

July is proving to be a busy month for employers. With the passing of the Oregon Equal Pay Act and increase in the state’s minimum wage this month we wanted to highlight key issues for employers. Oregon Minimum Wage Effective July 1, 2017 Oregon’s minimum wage will rise to $11.25 in the Portland Metro area

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