2017 East vs. West Portland EcoChallenge – The Results Are In!

And the winner is…

Competition has wrapped up on the 2017 EcoChallenge, along with our friendly bout against the staff at Fully, and we’re proud to announce that the Boly:Welch team has recycled, digital detoxed, and commuted our way to the top spot with a total of 12,310 points! We’ll let our friends disclose their team point total, but we know whose horse won this race!

NWEI EcoChallenge - Portland (Boly:Welch, Fully)

What is this EcoChallenge, You Say? A Recap!

The Northwest Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge is both an individual and team challenge where competitors take eco-related actions in categories like “waste,” “nature,” and “community” to earn points. These points go into each team’s collective pot, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and generally impacting our community in a positive way.

We already knew the Boly:Welch team were rock stars at volunteering and staying active, but we also stepped it up by conserving water and consuming locally-sourced meals. Together with Fully, we saved 131,000 pounds of CO2 , spent over 145,000 minutes away from our digital devices, and spared 332 pounds of paper. Way to go teams!

A big thanks to Fully for being good sports and for motivating the Boly:Welch team to be cognizant of how our actions affect our community.