What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Service

  • “Always very friendly but at the same time extremely professional. Always on the lookout for a job that she believed would fit me perfectly. A joy to work with!”
  • “Timely, positive, energetic.”
  • Boly:Welch has continued to provide support throughout changing assignments and has always tried to find the best assignment for my skill set.”
  • The Boly:Welch team has always been responsive, professional and courteous. They have an uncanny ability to always select well-qualified candidates regardless of the position being staffed. Their ability to respond quickly and strategically is priceless and their customer service and customer care should be the envy of all vendors.
  • “They paired me with an incredible company who values me as much as Boly:Welch showed me they valued matching my skills, education and personality.”



  • Boly:Welch connects us with good candidates, listens to our needs and has helped us extend a candidate’s stay with us.”
  • “Always great service, candidates, and an understanding of what we’re looking for.”
  • “Our recruiter was responsive, timely and professional.”
  • Boly:Welch helped us gain an extremely valuable talent and within a timeframe that was exceptional.”



  • “They found us a replacement receptionist on very short notice at the end of August. She was just what we needed and did an excellent job for the week she was here.”
  • Boly:Welch was a fantastic partner to my hiring manager and showed the value that they could bring to this role by providing a great candidate.”
  • “I have experienced nothing but great customer service from Boly:Welch. The one time we had an employee who wasn’t working out, Boly:Welch handled it right away, successfully keeping her on the job with some modifications to better suit our needs/culture.”