The Talent You Need

Talent — the people who shape and drive your organization — is fundamental to your success. But recruiting talent to align with your culture and organizational needs is a tall order. Identifying both technical and soft skills takes time, energy and the bandwidth to vet candidates through to the fullest degree. And in a competitive world, it sometimes means striking out into uncharted territories with sophisticated sourcing methodologies to find just the right match for your team.

Because we offer a full range of Direct-Hire and Temp-to-Hire as well as Temporary Staffing recruiting, our applicant pool is deep and experienced. From Direct-Hire applicants eager to explore the next step in their career search to fantastically skilled career Temporary Employees who enjoy the inherent flexibility of ‘temp’ work, Boly:Welch candidates are clearly the most highly sought after applicants in our community. And over a quarter century of experience working with top talent has allowed us to build a web of connections second to none. Connecting with Boly:Welch recruiters allows our clients to harness and leverage our connections with these top professionals in the Portland Metro market creating a solid foundation for success in your organization.


Direct-Hire Placement
A Direct-Hire placement allows sourcing from 100% of the candidates on the market — both employed and transitional individuals. This option includes screening qualified candidates, behavioral-based interviewing, testing appropriate to the position, and reference checking. Pre-employment screening such as drug testing and background or credit checks are available upon client request. And we’re not just proud of the matches we make, we guarantee them. Should a situation occur where an employee falls shy of your expectations, Boly:Welch will extend our comprehensive 12 month prorated replacement guarantee that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days. Direct-Hire placements are made using a contingency model with no cost to you until a final candidate is selected. Fees are based on a percentage of annual salary and invoices are issued upon start date, with Net 10 day terms which ensures guarantee. Retained search options can be created to meet your specific needs.
The Temp-to-Hire option allows clients to ‘temp’ or try out a candidate on the Boly:Welch payroll with the expectation of a long-term placement and an agreement to transfer the candidate to the client’s payroll, at a specific salary after a predetermined amount of hours (typically 520). This option includes the sourcing, screening, and qualifying of candidates, testing appropriate to the position, behavioral interviewing and reference checking. Typically, this option is limited to sourcing from our unemployed or transitional candidate pool. The Temp-to-Hire option is not covered by our 12 month prorated replacement or 90 day guarantee. Time spent in the position serves as a ‘working guarantee’ period. Should you decide to convert the employee before the pre-determined duration, we will work with you to determine a conversion fee appropriate for the circumstance. The bill rate associated with this option includes the pay rate, employer costs and recruitment fees associated with this type of a hire.
Temporary Employment
Employer needs expand and contract based on workload, sales activity, internal processes, employee disability, just to mention a few of the reasons to engage a Temporary workforce. The Temporary option allows clients to add talent for varying lengths of time depending on those varying needs. From one day to several months, these workers remain Boly:Welch employees, on our payroll with all taxes, insurances and costs associated with being the employer of record. But we employ the same diligence in our recruitment processes with our Temporary Employees as we do with our Direct-Hire candidates, so you can be assured of top talent to support your interim needs. Boly:Welch pays all Temporary Employees on a weekly basis. An authorized client representative will be asked to sign the weekly time card to certify that work performed. The bill rate associated with a Temporary hire includes pay rate, employer cost and recruitment fees. Since we pay our employees weekly, client invoices are sent on a weekly basis and payment is due upon receipt. Should you choose to add a Boly:Welch Temporary Employee to your payroll, a fee will be calculated that is appropriate to the situation.
Employer In Office (EIO) Interviewing
Our team has developed programs specifically designed to meet the needs of the market and our ever-growing client base. In support of Boly:Welch hiring options, our recruitment team has designed client-centric service delivery programs such as Employer In Office (EIO) Interviewing. This innovative model is designed to streamline and expedite the employment process bringing qualified candidates and employers together in our spacious downtown Portland office. Once you have determined the breadth and scope of your hiring need, Boly:Welch recruiters will identify top candidates for your position. You’ll meet with each prospective applicant in one of our comfortable and confidential conference rooms followed by a debriefing session with the recruiter to determine the next step in the hiring process. The process provides an opportunity for immediate candidate comparison and discussion on strengths and weaknesses. Contact your Boly:Welch recruiter for more details on the EIO program.
Fee Schedule
The following Fee Schedule is contingent upon the hiring, in any position or capacity, of a candidate referred by Boly:Welch and is in effect for one year from the time of our referral or the completion of an assignment. This includes candidates who have been presented for Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct-Hire or Consulting employment. Direct-Hire fees are based upon a percentage of the candidate’s full time annual salary.
Our vetting process is thorough at each decision point from application and resume to interviews, skill evaluations appropriate to the candidate’s experience level, and extensive referencing. Background or credit checks and drug testing are available at your request following applicable law. Our skills evaluation library provides a broad base of testing options for Accounting professionals. In addition, we will administer client-specific or specialized evaluations to candidates at our office to further vet the qualifications and suitability of a candidate for your organization. As a result of our thorough process and professional recruitment processes, we guarantee the quality of our candidates with confidence. And that assurance is unique to the industry, with the extension of a one year pro-rated replacement guarantee for full service placements.

Annual Compensation           Fee

Salaries to $29,999                    20%
$30,000 – $39,999                     25%
$40,000 and above                    30%

Distinctive Deliverables

  • Top quality candidates
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Client incentive programs
  • Comprehensive guarantees