Payroll, Forms, and FAQs

Payroll and Sick Time Information

You will be paid weekly for the time worked while on temporary assignment at any of our client locations. It will be your responsibility to complete and turn in a signed timecard each week. Below are the procedures to follow in order to accurately be paid on time.

  • Please put one work week on each timecard. This includes all days worked in a seven-day period starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.
  • Include the dates you worked, the company you worked for, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Need to request Sick Time? Please utilize our Sick Time Request. (Questions? Check our Sick Time FAQor link to BOLI guidelines.)
  • You and your supervisor must both sign the timecard.
  • Turn in your timecard by 5:00 PM Monday following the week you work.
  • Timecards may be dropped off at our office, emailed to, or faxed to the Accounting Department at 503-323-9087.
  • If you fax in your timecard, please call 503-242-1300 to verify that it was received and is legible.
  • We offer Direct Deposit for all employees. If you are interested please fill out the form above and submit it with a voided check to our office.
  • Paychecks are available for pickup between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM Fridays.
  • Please remember to bring I.D. with you when you come to pick up your check. Any paychecks not picked up by 4:00 p.m. will be placed in the mail that day.
  • Paychecks will not be released to anyone other than the Boly:Welch Temporary Employee without pre-approved written authorization.

Temporary Employee FAQ

How do I get paid?
You will be paid weekly for the time worked while on assignment at any of our client locations. It will be your responsibility to complete and submit a signed timecard each week. When your timecard is submitted on time by Monday at 5:00 pm, your paycheck will be available for pickup starting on Friday at 10:00 am. All checks not picked up by 4:00 pm will be mailed to your address on file. If you have signed up for Direct Deposit, your check will be deposited to your bank or credit union on Friday morning.
How can I be considered for Temporary Employment opportunities?
Email us each weekend in order to remain an active Temporary Employee available for placement.
I’ve already met with a Staffing Coordinator in Temporary Services. When will I hear from you about potential jobs?
We will contact you when there is a position available as long as we have notice (see above) that you are available for placement.
Why haven’t I heard from you about job opportunities?
We are proud of our reputation for building strong relationships and matching “best fit” candidates with an employer’s needs. We work hard to place each candidate that we work with, but recognize that there are times when we may be unable to find a solid fit for you during the course of your job search. We match you with short and long-term temporary assignments, depending on your interests, availability and skill level. We do our best to minimize downtime between assignments but please note that we are unable to control or guarantee assignments. We encourage you to make the most of any downtime by exploring networking opportunities, volunteering or keeping your computer skills sharp. If you feel you’re a bit rusty, we offer online tutorial programs for skill development.
What kind of benefits will be available to me as a Temporary Employee?
As a Temporary Employee, benefits are accrued based on your hours worked and include medical insurance, dental insurance, 401K investing, profit sharing, as well as a vacation bonus and holiday bonuses.
When will I be eligible for medical benefits?
To help you become familiar with our benefits, we would like to provide a brief explanation about your eligibility for health insurance. We will determine your initial eligibility for health benefits by tracking your hours of service during an “initial measurement period” or based on the hours and duration of your assignment from inception. For those assignments that begin as full-time equivalent positions as defined by ACA, the initial measurement period is waived and your insurance effective date is the first of the month following sixty (60) days of employment. To be eligible for health benefits, you must have an average of [30] hours of service per week (or an average of at least [130] hours of service per month) during the initial measurement period. Hours of service that count towards your eligibility for health benefits are: (1) those hours for which you are paid to work, and (2) the hours for which you are paid for vacation, holiday, illness, incapacity (including disability), layoff, jury duty, military duty, or leave of absence. You must elect coverage, pay your share of premiums via payroll deduction or, if not on assignment, via personal check or credit card, and continue to be an employee during this period in order to maintain coverage.
How long will my lunch break be? When can I take my rest periods?
Our clients comply with FLSA regulations. Please work with your supervisor to determine the best time for meal breaks and rest periods.
What happens if I get a full time job and need to quit my temporary assignment?
Should you be offered a position outside of your temporary placement, please notify us immediately so we can find a replacement.
How do I list my temporary assignments on my resume?

Job Title
December 2015 – Present
• Various duties including but not limited to_________ (responsibilities).
Who is my employer for each of my temporary assignments?
What if the client asks me to drive a car during my work for them?
Contact your Staffing Consultant at Boly:Welch.
What if the client asks me to apply for a job at the company?
Contact your Staffing Consultant at Boly:Welch.
More tips for Temporary Employees
And, we’d love to keep everyone busy, but recognize that that is not always possible. Here are some ideas to keep yourself active, employable and even sharpen your skills while not actively working as a Temporary Employee.

1. Volunteer at your favorite non-profit or charity – there are plenty of organizations that would welcome your help. Check out the following for options in Portland: CNRG, Idealist, Hands On Portland

2. Sharpen your computer or technical skills with online learning or tutorials. Feel free to ask our team for resources.

3. Spend time networking – whether brick and mortar or online – make the connections needed to help your job search!

Emergency Response Plan for our Temporary Employees
As a valued Boly:Welch employee your security is critically important to us as you work onsite at our client locations across the greater Portland Metro area. In the event of an emergency within the five county area, phone systems could crash, and computers, smart phones and other communication devices may become nonfunctional or useless. For your safety please follow and abide by the Emergency Alert System advisory during any community-wide disruption available via emergency radio or TV broadcasts. You can also register for alerts here.


Questions? Contact our team at