Finding Employment with Boly:Welch

You + Boly:Welch = Relationships That Work

The job search process can really feel like dating sometimes. You look online, reach out to friends, and go to places where you think you’ll meet just the right new someone. You dress up, think of likely topics to discuss, pop a mint, and put your best foot forward for your first meeting. The conversation during an interview takes the same effort as a first date, with the same nagging judgment and apprehension of rejection. Sometimes you feel that spark right away, and sometimes you wish you had looked more closely at their profile.

Believe us—we get it. We’ve all chosen to work in recruiting, which essentially boils down to matching great candidates and companies. Think of us as your fairy godmother. We know all of the tips, tricks, and just the right amount of fairy dust to make a great connection. We’re here to help, if we can.

So, What Does Boly:Welch Do?

For employers, we source, screen, and connect them to great talent. We get to know them, their business, and their culture, and do our best to find the right person for their role. We save them time and money by narrowing the choices to a few top contenders who match all of their requirements, including the intangibles they’ve been struggling to find. Years of experience allows us to find the right person for the role more quickly.


For candidates, we will listen to you. We can get you into interviews for unposted jobs and opportunities you wouldn’t know about otherwise. We can pass along inside information and coaching to highlight your strengths. We can help you set realistic expectations and let you know when we won’t be the best resource in your search because our business model limits our ability to fit square pegs into round holes.


But, we’ll do more than put you in front of prospective employers. We’ll give you feedback on your presentation and resume, assist you in strategizing your job search process, give you an unbiased view of the market, and so much more.

Are You Right For Me?

Using a recruiter can be a great resource in your search, but to make sure you’re not wasting time, do some homework on the agency you’re considering. Look for firms that place candidates in your desired field, and whose job postings get you excited. Recruiters specialize across markets, specialties and industries—look for those who work with the companies that appeal to you and the types of positions that fit your skills or interests.


Speak with friends and acquaintances you trust about their experiences with the agency. Online reviews can be revealing as well. Reviewers typically span both ends of the spectrum – they love the agency or recruiter because of the relationship they developed and the success of the search or they are detractors who have had a poor experience. The right recruiter for you will make you feel at ease, explain what they can do for you, listen to your needs and be a true advocate for you as you move through your career. We do our best work when we develop a relationship with our candidates and truly understand what drives and motivates them.


In general, recruiters are less helpful for people looking to switch careers, who don’t have much experience, who have a spotty work history, or who are looking for roles in industries or fields the recruiter doesn’t work in. Be critical in evaluating your background and experiences. You might have better luck applying on your own for roles where you don’t meet every requirement, because there isn’t a fee involved with your hire. A good recruiter will let you know when they think you should strike out on your own as well as where they can help you meet your goals.


Where Direct-Hire recruiters are not able to help, many agencies, including Boly:Welch, have temporary departments who can offer temporary or contract roles while you’re searching for the perfect long term fit. These positions allow you to network, utilize your skills, keep money coming in the door, and feel enough confidence in your job search to wait for just the right job to come along. After all, it’s all about a long-term fit for you.

How Can I Make Our Relationship Work?

Think of working with a recruiter like using a dating service. If you put in minimal effort and swipe right a few times, you probably won’t get many great matches. Put in the time and effort so we really get to know you and what you’re looking for and you’re much more likely to be matched with your new long-term partner.


First, and most importantly, trust us. We’re here to advocate for you however we can. We’ll be honest in our evaluation of your background and how that fits with the current market. You might see a great job posted on our website where you fit every requirement and wonder why we aren’t reaching out. Again, trust us. Something about the role won’t work out for you. We’ve been doing this for 30 years—if this was your dream role where all the pieces aligned, we would have already reached out.


Second, timing really does matter. The best time to reach out to a recruiter is when you’re currently working and okay with your current role, but looking for new opportunities and growth. We’re fairly reactive on the roles we work on, so it might be weeks or months before we get in your dream role. Keep in touch and let us know how your search is going. It’s always tougher to start the search when you are miserable, vulnerable or desperate. This can be a recipe for disaster and jumping from the frying pan into the fire.


Third, when you meet with us, be honest about everything – the truth and the facts. That would include salary requirements, the real reason why your last job ended, what your coworkers would say about you, how you won’t commute anymore after the last three years you’ve spent in traffic – we want to know your baggage, warts and all. We can listen to you pain points—the failures and frustrations in past jobs you want to avoid in your new relationships—and give you advice in your search.


That means also be honest with yourself. The companies you want to work for will be evaluating you, so you should take the time to think about your weaknesses, strengths, parts of your previous jobs you’ve loved and parts you’ve hated. Take as much time as you would researching a new company and spend that figuring out you! Do this before you we meet. If you don’t know yourself well enough to know if it will be a good fit, there’s no way we will!


Finally, be responsive! We’ll do our best to work around your schedule. Check your email, text, voicemail and get back to us ASAP. We’re working on your behalf, as quick as you’ll let us.


On the flip side, expect us to be responsive too. Yes, we’ve been busy. However, you’re one of our top priorities. Follow up with us. We’ll do our best to let you know if we can help – or not – but we’ll let you know if we can’t.

Not Feeling the Love?

Although we’d like to be the ones to set you up, there are some limitations that effect our ability to find the right match for everyone.


If we don’t call you in for an interview, it’s not because you’re not a good candidate, but because we don’t think we can be a resource to you and don’t want to waste your time.


If you take the time to come in and register with us, and then never hear from us again, it’s not because you’re not a good candidate. There could have been a thousand reasons —the perfect job for you never came to us, the candidates we’ve been seeing for the role you want have more or better experience, your salary expectations are too high, when we talked to you about what you’re looking for we realized we couldn’t be a resource—the list goes on.


We’re so grateful you took the time to apply with us, and hope that, even though we weren’t able to place you, you gained some value from meeting with us, whether that was testing, feedback, a perspective on the market, or advice on where to put your efforts.


If you register with us and we find you your dream job—please tell your friends – Yelp, LinkedIn, Google all work for us and we thank you.


We’re here to be a resource, but don’t expect to be the only resource for most people we meet. So much of our work, like the best romances, depends on timing and mood and the occasional bit of magic.


But, believe us, we have the same goal – to match you with just the right fit.