Commitment to Sustainability

Across the organization we believe that a sustainable business is dependent on economic vitality, social equity and a healthy, natural environment. These goals are not mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked for our growing business. As leaders with a great passion for the future of our community, we are committed to developing, facilitating and encouraging sustainable business practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations.

We have developed strategies and purchasing policies that have enabled us to move towards sustainability while enhancing the value we bring to our clients, candidates and our employees. A preference for local suppliers, brokers and vendors has been an outgrowth of our Be:Well team efforts towards both personal and environmental health. A triple value in our book.

  • Pioneer Place Mall Portland Oregon
  • Downtown Portland Oregon
  • Bicycle Portland Oregon
  • Downtown Portland Oregon Park
  • Federal Building Portland Oregon

Check out the list of sustainable practices in our office

  • Minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled paper and paper products; 100% where possible!
  • Eco-friendly dry cleaning
  • Dine on durable dishes and glassware and require caterers to follow the same principles
  • Commute via public transportation, foot / pedal power or rideshare whenever possible
  • Recycle everything possible – employees bring non-curbside recyclables from home for collection
  • Save energy by turning lights and computers off and encouraging our clients and candidates to do the same
  • Bring mail from home to shred and recycle
  • Use rechargeable batteries and recycle traditional batteries
  • Utilize electronic documents instead of paper copies whenever possible
  • Print duplex documents whenever possible
  • Offer internal employees subsidies for public transportation and bicycling
  • Reduced our internal application processes to eliminate paper usage
  • Daily composting of coffee / tea grounds / food scraps in our office kitchen!
  • Use of reusable cloth towels instead of paper towels and cloth napkins for meals
  • Use of reusable toner and ink cartridges
  • Dedicated bike parking in our office and shower facilities for bike commuters
  • Low flow toilets in both lavatories and low flow faucets in kitchen
  • Encourage employees, candidates and clients to use the stairs over elevator wherever possible
  • Remodeled and retrofit all aspects of our office to maximize energy efficiency
  • Reduced garbage cans to five communal sites around office; all desks have recycling bins
  • ENERGY STAR 5.0 / EPEAT Silver compliant computer monitors for the entire office